About LUPE

LUPE Mission Statement

Colonia members preparing to get out the vote in their community

Colonia members preparing to get out the vote in their community

César Chávez founded LUPE, rooted in the belief that members of the low-income community have the responsibility and the obligation to organize themselves, and through their association, begin to advocate and articulate for the issues and factors that impact their lives. Further, César Chávez believed that for people to have ownership of this endeavor, they have to invest of themselves, their efforts and resources, to sustain it. The membership, and the responsibility that comes with it, form the base that is the power of the organization.

Learn more about LUPE through a LUPE_intro

LUPE Builds People Power By Leadership Training and Committee Building

Our staff is comprised of a talented group of community organizers, parents, activists and social service providers. Our staff develops and supports a network of local committees. Each staff member is committed to excellence in creating an environment where our members produce tangible results that change people’s lives. But the strength of LUPE is found within our leaders and volunteers who build the organization through neighborhood committees – house meeting after house meeting, committee after committee, campaign after campaign. Like a hammer on a nail.

LUPE builds organization through committees

Colonia comité pointing to recently paved road. Organizing with LUPE, colonia members create the change they wish to see in their communities.

LUPE is building neighborhood committees in throughout South Texas. Through a committee structure, we are able to identify and develop leaders and increase their capacity to respond to community problems.

LUPE addresses community issues through Strategic Action Plans.

LUPE committees prioritize issues and then develops strategic action plans to address them. Each plan follows that same structure of direct action advocacy so that committees can address a range of issues from securing additional stops signs across from a local school to improving a community’s water quality. Read about the changes LUPE members are creating in their community. Then be a part of that change by donating to our work:

Be a part of the change LUPE members are creating in their communities by making a donation today.

LUPE holds decision-makers accountable.

LUPE committees and supporters believe that local decision-makers should be responsive to the needs and interests of their constituents. LUPE leads large-scale non-partisan voter registration, education and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts so that a greater number of Latinos and LUPE leaders participate in civic life and enact social change.


Members at LUPE's annual Cesar Chavez March. Each year, a LUPE member committee organizes the march in conjunction with other community organizations.

Our Membership
LUPE’s community membership directly encompasses founder Cesar Chavez’s organizing philosophy that in order for people to overcome their challenges, they must make real sacrifices. LUPE currently has approximately 6,000 members who are the leaders and volunteers of several campaigns and those who also are the direct beneficiaries of all LUPE services. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact lupe@lupenet.org.

Read more about LUPE membership here.

Consider helping our work against anti-immigrant legislation and for humane immigration reform by donating today.


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  1. We the plumbers association needs funding for anti- privatizatio of water districts in the Philippines campaign.

  2. Privatization of water district can make the people poorer in the philippines.

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