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No child should wait for their school bus in the dark

Many of the over 76,000 colonia children waiting for the bus on their first day of school next week will be doing so in the dark.

Without streetlights in their neighborhoods, colonia parents worry that their kids might get hurt while they wait for the bus, board the wrong bus, or be left by a bus that can’t see them waiting.

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Buena Fe bus cant see us in darkness copy

Claudia from Colonia Pueblo de Palmas loaded her daughter onto the bus in the dark early in the morning. Without streetlights Claudia couldn’t properly see the bus number and had put her daughter on the wrong bus. Continue reading

Sign the Petition: Shame on you Rep. Blake Farenthold!

Sign the petition to Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX-27):

50% of your District is Hispanic and yet you refuse to support a pathway to citizenship in the Senate Immigration Reform bill and you are willing to hand over $46 billion in PORK to defense contractors!

Sign the petition now!

Petition Background

So many hardworking immigrants who have helped build our homes, construct and maintain our roads and bridges, and have taken care of our children, continue to live in fear. As Texans – more than any other State – we must work for fair and humane immigration reform which begins with a path to citizenship. Anything less is flat out immoral and inhumane after all they and their families have invested in our State.

Sign the petition now!

LUPE leaders paving road to strong colonias

Donna – The road to strong communities is paved by strong leaders. LUPE leaders Manuela Luna and Rosie Tijerina are paving the way for strong colonias in Hidalgo County Precinct 1.

Rosie Tijerina has been fighting for 10 years to get streets fixed in her Donna-area colonia Goolie Estates. The unpaved roads caused dust to go into people’s homes, causing health and nuisance problems for colonia residents. Recently that fight bore fruit. Continue reading

8th Annual Peace and Justice Gathering this Saturday!

Join LUPE at the 8th Annual Peace and Justice Gathering!

This year’s theme is The new face of America – The new possibilities for social justice. Keynote speakers will be addressing the attack on Chicano and ethnic studies and the border enforcement program Operation Streamline.

With President Obama announcing his plan for immigration reform today, Saturday’s Gathering will be particularly timely!

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