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What it Feels Like to Obtain Citizenship

“It is like a dream, like when you are drowning and all of a sudden someone saves you.”

Citizenship Esther possibly for email newsletter - with kids small
Esther Garza poses with her children after becoming a U.S. citizen. Help us prepare more new citizens by making a contribution today.

Those words were spoken last week by LUPE member Esther Garza when she and other LUPE members were celebrated for achieving U.S. citizenship. Esther is one of almost 300 immigrants that LUPE helped achieve citizenship this year.

“You feel that peace, that happiness, that tranquility, to walk, to dream, to say, here’s my family, we are free.”

That is what it means to obtain U.S. citizenship for the millions of immigrants currently living in the U.S. While millions of immigrants have no viable option to fix theirs immigration status, the people that do have an option can rely on LUPE to help them through the process.

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Give the Gift of ¡Claro que Se Puede!

The season of giving is here. Get a great gift and advance your progressive values at the same time! Donate to La Union del Pueblo Entero and receive a farmworker movement holiday gift – and give the gift of ¡Claro que Se Puede! this holiday season.


Make a donation of $50 to $99 and receive Proyecto de Amor, a 15 track CD with the inspirational song ¡Claro que Se Puede! featuring Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson, Ramon Ayala and more. Donate now.

¡Claro Que Se Puede! is an inspiration song that blends historic sounds of the farmworker movement with the modern sounds of Carlos Santana, Los Lonely Boys and more. It captures the spirit of the movement for immigrant rights, one rooted in our varied histories and traditions, and coming together in celebration of one another. Continue reading

Celebrate Giving Tuesday by sharing your #UNselfie

Today is Giving Tuesday, which means people all over the world are sharing in the giving spirit. From volunteering, to donating, to promoting your favorite causes, today is the perfect day to show others what you care about.

Participate in Giving Tuesday by sharing your #UNselfie!

unselfie - jmtFrom GivingTuesday.org: “A #UNselfie is an unselfish or selfless #selfie (click if you don’t know what a selfie is). Take a photo of someone or something that represents giving to you and upload to your social media platform of choice via hashtag #unselfie and #givingtuesday.”

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