No child should wait for their school bus in the dark

Many of the over 76,000 colonia children waiting for the bus on their first day of school next week will be doing so in the dark.

Without streetlights in their neighborhoods, colonia parents worry that their kids might get hurt while they wait for the bus, board the wrong bus, or be left by a bus that can’t see them waiting.

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Buena Fe bus cant see us in darkness copy

Claudia from Colonia Pueblo de Palmas loaded her daughter onto the bus in the dark early in the morning. Without streetlights Claudia couldn’t properly see the bus number and had put her daughter on the wrong bus. Later, her daughter arrived back at home, shook up, having missed her own bus.

The first day of school is next week and Claudia worries it could happen again.

Colonia residents organizing with the Right2Light Public Light Campaign can change that. Two Hidalgo County commissioners and the county judge are up for reelection and want to hear from voters as to what they should focus on these next two years. If we show that Valley voters really care about safety in the colonias, we can make streetlights a top priority for the county commissioners and judge as they seek another term in office.

Help us reach more Valley voters by sharing this image today.

One response to “No child should wait for their school bus in the dark

  1. This is true, I also live in Pueblo de Palmas Phase 2, and streets are extremely dark. My daughter has missed her bus several times! While we are standing there! The bus driver tells my daughter to flash with a light because she can’t see us in the morning. Cars drive at high speeds so we cant be on the actual street we wait on the side of the road (grass) and its hard for bus drivers to see if a child is there or not. WE NEED LIGHTS IN PENITAS (4 MILE RD)

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