They denied her rights. She lost her life.


Immigration officials denied her rights. She lost her life. Now Congress wants to increase abuse by doubling border enforcement. Will you stand up for her family by calling Congress?


Call your congressperson and tell them not to increase border enforcement that denies the rights of border community members:

“Please do not allow amendments to immigration reform that would increase civil and human rights abuses by increasing border enforcement. We need border enforcement that is accountable to border communities, not more border enforcement.”

Call the US Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your House representative

When you’re done, tell us how the call went here.


This young mother was murdered in Mexico after being deported.

A civil rights lawsuit against agents of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been filed on behalf of three minor children. Their mother, Laura S. was brutally murdered in Mexico after she was wrongfully deported by immigration authorities.

Laura S. was twenty-two years old and the mother of three small children when she was stopped for a minor traffic violation and turned over to a Border Patrol agent in 2009. For many years she had been severely battered by her abusive boyfriend, Sergio H. and had recently obtained the protection of the local police and courts of law. Enraged, Sergio returned to Mexico, threatening to kill her.

When turned over to immigration authorities, Laura S. begged ICE and Customs and Border Protections officials not to return her to Mexico. She explained that she would be killed by her violent ex-boyfriend, that she had protective orders from the courts, and that she had three small children at home. Although she had the right to a hearing in front of an immigration judge and was eligible for relief from immigration courts, she was given no hearing. Instead, the agents forced her back into Mexico within hours. She continued to weep and plead all the way to the bridge.

Within days Sergio H. found Laura S. in Reynosa and attacked her, nearly biting off her ear. He then abducted and strangled her, leaving her body in a burning car.

We hope that this case will prove a catalyst for support for increased accountability measures for border enforcement. Some congressmen want to increase border enforcement. Doing so will ensure that these kinds of abuses continue. We don’t need more border enforcement. We need accountable border enforcement that protects people’s civil and human rights.

More on Laura S. here.


One response to “They denied her rights. She lost her life.

  1. Shirley M. Frias Saenz

    If the Americans are so afraid of Al Quida Jihad Muslims, why isn’t the Canada border protected by the immigration system!! there are no fencing, one or two check points between the US and Canada. And the population of Canada is 98% Muslim!

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