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Parte de la familia allá, parte de la familia aquí. ¿Cómo le hago?

Any expansion that CIR might include of immigration enforcement programs working with local law enforcement means more family separations and violation of civil rights. CIR should be about family unity, not expanding violation of human rights.

Update: The Senate “Gang of 8” has also release the framework that the bipartisan group will be working with. Read the Senate framework here and a response to the framework by our partners at the ACLU here.

Start taking your vitamins because the fight for comprehensive immigration reform is right around the corner.

Reports have just come out that President Obama will debut his plans for comprehensive immigration reform this Tuesday. The President will call on Congress to create a road map to citizenship for immigrants without papers.

Read the breaking news here.

In the past weeks, we have told you how important the fight for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) will be for the members of LUPE. We want to make sure that CIR includes legalization and a pathway to citizenship for as many of the 11 million undocumented Americans that contribute to the greatness of our nation.

Help us take 50 LUPE youth to Austin and DC to advocate for immigration reform! Make a gift by clicking here.

This is central to our struggle. There are already “immigration reform” proposals that would make citizenship next to impossible and other positions that would bar immigrants without papers from citizenship.

But a pathway to citizenship is not the only issues important to our members. Also topping the list are family unification and protection of the civil rights and liberties of residents of border communities. Every time immigration reform comes up, politicians use the opportunity to further militarize our border, extend the border wall, increase Border Patrol, and increase use of drones and other military technology along the border. The nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute notes that the U.S. spends roughly $18 billion on federal immigration enforcement, more than it spends on all other law enforcement efforts combined. Along with this increase in spending come increased reports of abuse by immigration agents. We are calling for increased accountability of immigration enforcement and protection of the rights of people along the border.

Our work for CIR will be redoubled in the coming weeks. Our members will travel to Austin to join folks from across the state who will march for CIR that includes a pathway to citizenship and protects the rights of border residents. We want to send a bus full of Dreamers who have received Deferred Action to march and share their stories. We will be calling on our supporters in the coming days with ways that you can help.

Just and Humane Immigration Reform! Si Se Puede!

Help us take 50 LUPE youth to Austin and DC to advocate for immigration reform! Make a gift by clicking here.

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