BREAKING: RITA responds to Obama Announcement on DREAMer deportations

(EL PASO, Texas) — The White House announced today that the administration will provide Deferred Action for some undocumented youth.

The Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance congratulates the undocumented youth whose leadership and bold action forced this announcement. DREAMers have been occupying Obama campaign offices for weeks demanding action. And today, the White House had no choice but to respond.

Make no mistake, DREAMers made this happen.

However, we all know that President Obama has made promises to the immigrant community in the past that he has not kept. It has been a year since his administration announced it would be using prosecutorial discretion to protect DREAMers and to keep immigrant families together. A recent report from the New York Times has shown that this promise, much like Obama’s campaign promise of immigration reform, has been broken.

The U.S. and the millions of hard-working, honest immigrants who contribute to our country cannot wait any longer. Even if this promise is kept, it is not enough. True immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants is the only solution.

Undocumented youth and their allies in RITA will hold President Obama accountable on this newest promise.

RITA supports those DREAMers in the National Immigrant Youth Alliance who have vowed to continue occupying Obama campaign offices until this promise is proven to be real.

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