LUPE members honored for their creative writing in “Testimonios desde la frontera” graduation ceremony

Alton creative writing students and teachers pose at graduation ceremony.

For the last three months, LUPE members taking English and Citizenship classes in Alton have had the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills every Monday and Wednesday after their normal classes. This month their efforts were honored with a graduation ceremony and certificate of completion of the class.

Students from the University of Texas at Pan American gave instruction to members on how to use poetry and narrative to write about life experiences, their experience crossing the border and their ideas of social justice.

In a nursery called the world were a pine tree and a palm. The pine dreamed of decorating a beautiful garden. The palm of adorning the entrance. The pine dreamed of growing tall. The palm dreamed of reaching him. When the two talked, they had the same ideals. The time seemed short when they talked. The pine never realized she fell more in love every day. The pine grew very tall, and of the palm he forgot. Tempest and storms came and took the pine. The palm in her world, was very well planted. Hurricanes and storms, could not do anything to her. Today the palm looks very nice. Caring for and giving shade to her two small palms. - Matilde Diaz

Though many in the immigrant community have not finished their formal education, they still have the creativity and experiences that make for powerful literature. And through their classes with UTPA students, members demonstrated their ability to learn forms and technique in creative writing to express that creativity and those experiences.

The UTPA students, working with MaryRuth Chen and the Mexican American Studies Program, plan to continue the creative writing class at the Alton office during the summer months.


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