LUPE creative writing

Chapbook of creative writing projects produced by LUPE members, UTPA students and LUPE staff.

Chapbook of creative writing projects produced by LUPE members, UTPA students and LUPE staff. Click on image to open the chapbook in PDF format.

Here are a couple of pieces produced by the creative writing class, in which LUPE members participated in our Alton office this fall semester. The pieces were combined into a chapbook titled “Testimonios de Nuestra Frontera.” The chapbook can be read in its entirety here.

Analizo y pienso en por que…

Si los hombres tienen corazón para ayudar al prójimo
Si los hombres se quitan el sombrero ante una mujer
Si los hombres nos abren la puerta del automóvil
Si los hombres nos regalan flores
Porque no quieren entender la igualdad de derechos de la mujer?
En lo personal, me gustaría que en mis país, ciudad, y comunidad fuéramos un solo equipo, una sola iglesia, para que juntos pudiéramos introducir una materia en todo nivel educativo en donde se les ensene a los niños el valor de igualdad.
I think and wonder why…

If men have the heart to help others,
If men remove their hat before a woman,
If men open the car door for a lady,
If men give us flowers,
Why don’t they want to understand
Women have equal rights?
Personally I would like to see that in my Country, City, and Community, we are a single team, a single church, so that together we can introduce a subject matter at all levels of education where children are taught the value of equality.

Matilde Díaz

I am Adali

I am from Central American and destiny and life decided it this way. At times, certain people have not looked at me well, but this is how God decided it, I can’t do anything about that. For those who don’t know it, when a Central American enters Mexico, he is an illegal and there begins his hard life. When I entered Mexico, I was happy, but at the same time I was scared. I knew that during the trip my life would get totally hard. The further I went, my thoughts were changing and inside of me, I wished I would die or return to Honduras. I wanted to arrive in the U.S. when I took the first train; I thought I was going to die. I got on Monday; traveled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The little bit of food I had, finished on Tuesday. I went Wednesday and Thursday without eating or drinking anything. When I got off the train, I couldn’t walk. I think that if I had stayed on the train one more day, I would have died. But, I didn’t know that I still needed 11 more trains. The whole trip takes 12 trains. When I arrived here, my life changed in different ways. With pain in my heart, I had to leave my family behind, but when I got here, their life changed too. Because, now, I can give them help in the best possible way. Things have gone well for me here. I have a good job, I live well, I don’t have much, but I don’t lack the essentials. I am learning English and I know I will do it. I have a great teacher!! It is something that being here, I can achieve. For me, this is a real and beautiful experience, just to have the opportunity to be here. I have many dreams and I know I will achieve them.

Adali Rodriguez

Read the chapbook “Testimonios de Nuestra Frontera” as a PDF file here.


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