4 responses to “Mission PD: We do not release detainees into ICE custody

  1. I think the strategy to push for “tickets” versus detention is great because this is one significant way in which people are getting caught up in S-Comm or 287(g), even though it is usually up to individual officers’ discretion.

    However, I’m confused about why Garza said that he’s not sure about the department’s participation in S-Comm. Is it because the real issue is with the sheriffs who run the jails and who honor ICE’s “detainer” (different from “retainer”?) requests: holding detainees beyond their designated release date so that ICE can interdict unauthorized immigrants? Is allowing ICE to come interview city jail detainees not part of S-Comm? Or is it just that the Mission PD has not yet decided on an official statement to release to the media and the community about its position with respect to S-Comm?

    • Hi Omar. Thanks for your comment. As far as all of us know (immigrant rights advocates and local chiefs of police), S-Comm is not in operation in local jails in Hidalgo County, only at the County Jail. However, because immigrant rights advocates down here are only beginning to investigate, and because of the nontransparent nature of the roll-out of the program, we cannot be 100% sure that finger print information is not already being shared between local jails and immigration officials. We do know that no automatic retainers are being passed from ICE to local jails and that in the case of Mission PD, no detainees are being turned over to ICE from the custody of the local jail.

      ICE does not need S-Comm to visit local jails and interview detainees for the sake of identifying undocumented community members. I am not sure what gives them the authority to make such visits, but as far as we know we cannot ask local police departments to bar ICE from making them. Either way, their visits are apart from the S-Comm program.

      S-Comm is in operation at the County Jail and we have yet to learn of the full effects of the program on detainees and their families. De hecho, tomorrow we will be visited by Hidalgo County Sheriff Treviño where LUPE staff and members will be able to ask him how S-Comm is being implemented in the County Jail. Hopefully from there we will get a better understanding of how we can protect immigrant members of the community from double punishment of incarceration and deportation.

  2. Thanks, Sonaorillasdelrio. I look forward to seeing what information you have to share from that meeting. I will ask around with friends that I know are doing research on ICE in other communities to see what information I might be able to send your way as well.

  3. i wish this was in every state, that is right that should not have the right to turn detainings into ICE, and come into the jail to interview.

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