Trash Bash provides relief to residents of colonia Eduardos 2

LUPE team and Landfill Director pose in front of trash receptacle during Trash Bash in colonia Eduardos 2

The Trash Bash earlier this month in Precinct 3 was a great relief for participating residents of Eduardo 2. Thanks to Templo Fuente de Vida for opening their church doors as well as to Landfill Director George Ocaña who kindly approved a 16’ X 8’ X 4’ trash container and made the event a huge success.

The need for a Trash Bash in colonia Eduardo 2 was obvious and the attention given to this need by Chief Administrator to Commissioner Joe Flores, Dr. Mona Parras was very much appreciated.

“We appreciate very much Precinct 3 for the simple fact of having approved a trash container,” said leader Hilario Torres. “I had several cans full of house garbage and cardboard boxes which I was able to do away with in this humble home of mine”

Dr. Mona Parras visited with Trash Bash volunteers in the early hours of the morning as everyone sat in a circle conversing and waiting for residents to put the container to use.

Eduardos 2 leader Hilario Torres poses with LUPE organizer Yvette Salinas before unloading trash that has built up at his home

Maria Guadalupe Garza, an Eduardo 2 resident and volunteer of the four hour event, said, “It was my first time meeting Doctor Parras and it was a pleasure to talk to her because I liked her a lot.”

She eagerly added: “I offer my home whenever [LUPE] would like to do a house meeting, here outside of my house, under a tree where it’s fresh or inside the house when it’s cold. And in that way get together and be able to fight for more positive changes in our colonia.”

“Hopefully they lend us a container again on another occasion,” she added.

Have you had problems with trash collection? Leave a comment and tell us about it!


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