One response to “Court appointments should be about qualifications, not politics

  1. Judge Rolando Cantu has done many things in our case that put his so-called “honesty and integrity” in question. He does not follow the law, and likes to play “God.” In our case, he has signed paperwork without following the proper protocols, and has signed some legal documents behind “closed-doors,” and other things that are considered felonies. It’s our belief that Judge Cantu was put in that seat so that he can do favors for those that know him. We’ll be filing a complaint against him and push the Texas Rangers to have him investigated. We encourage for everyone that shares a similar experience to us regarding Judge Cantu to file a complaint against him and do the same. We ARE the people and the corruption we see in the RGV has got to stop!
    More information on filing a complaint against a Judge can be found here:

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