Chief Administrator for precinct 3 agrees to meet with colonia residents at site of potential walking trail

Chief Administrator for Precinct 3 Dr. Mona Parras

Our campaign to get a walking trail for the colonias north of Alton has taken a step forward this week. Dr. Mona Parras, Chief Administrator for precinct 3, has graciously agreed to meet with colonia residents in order to walk the site of the potential walking trail.

Next Thursday morning, August 18, colonia residents will be able to walk the 3-mile-long canal with the chief administrator and share with her their concerns, which include having a safe place for residents to exercise, tire and trash dumping, and tall grasses harboring insects along the canal. See a slideshow of the potential recreational site by clicking here.

With a little attention, the walking trail could be a scenic and safe path for the neighboring colonias to enjoy.

The potential walking trail would serve the surrounding 6 colonias, residents of which have trouble finding safe places for recreation. While many city parks are located within a couple miles of residential neighborhoods, colonia residents often travel five or more miles to the nearest playground or soccer field. And without pavement, streetlights or sidewalks, not even colonia streets provide adequate conditions for regular exercise.

For those reasons, colonia residents are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with Dr. Parras, share with her their concerns, and thank her for devoting her time and energy to the issue.

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