We met our goal!

We met our goal for the school supplies donation drive! Not only did we meet it — we surpassed it by 8 children. That means that we’ll be able to give out 58 sets of supplies at our monthly meeting this Friday!

This is an important victory for us. Every year, colonia children start school without the supplies they need to succeed. Many colonia families struggle to feed their children. Buying the school supplies they need to begin the school year on the right foot adds a new burden. Being able to provide 58 children with basic school supplies will help ease their parents’ burden as the new school year starts up.

But the victory is bigger than that. With this donation drive, our supporters came together to raise over $250 dollars in just three weeks. Because of this drive, we’ll be able to show low income parents and their children that they have support from not only LUPE supporters throughout the Valley, but as far away as California and Vermont, too. Supporters made donations as small as $5 and as much as $50, and each one of those donations came from the heart. And we’ll be able to show that support when we hand out donations this Friday.

Be sure to check back after this Friday’s meeting for pictures from the event!


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