Supporting educational opportunities – In your own words

Our school supplies donation drive is in full swing and we’re getting lots of good feedback! We’ll be handing out the supplies at our member meeting August 5th, so if you haven’t donated yet, make a $5 donation today.

After our first round of donations, we asked you why you donated. Here’s what you said:

Make a donation toward LUPE's school supplies drive and help colonia children start the year off on the right foot. Click here to donate now.

“The foundation of a free society lies with an educated population. The future opportunities for our youth are directly related to obtaining a good education. The young people going to school today are the future of our county. We can do no less than help in any way we can to support the efforts to educate our children. I support and will continue to support the efforts of La Union Del Pueblo Entero to help our children.”
– Joe Grebmeier, Chief of Police, Greenfield Police Department, $50 donation

“As someone who grew up poor, I can remember what it was like not to have all of the supplies I needed at my disposal. I can remember doing my homework on the kitchen table, in the middle of a noisy home, where English and Algebra had to compete with the television set in the living room, because my parents couldn’t afford to buy me a desk, much less a home in which I’d have my own room to study. So I welcome the opportunity to give to those who have even less than I did when I was growing up. Now that I have achieved a reasonably comfortable lifestyle, I see it as my responsibility to give to those who have yet to find their way out of poverty. Especially children, and especially for educational purposes. Because no matter how prosperous individuals become, our future is at great risk if kids in colonias and underprivileged communities continue to lack the basic necessities. If you feel you’ve made it somewhere in life you can be proud of, donate to help bring others along with you.”
– Norma Herrera, Austin, TX, $15 donation

We’ll be distributing bags of supplies at our member meeting on August 5th. So far we’ve raised enough to give supplies to 20 children. We want to give supplies to all kids in attendance, but we can’t do it without your help.

Help us reach our goal of giving 50 children school supplies – Donate $5 or more today!

Have school supplies you’d like to donate? Bring them by one of our offices and we’ll give them out at our member meeting August 5!

And if you’d like to help distribute supplies at the meeting, come on by our San Juan office on Aug 5th at 6pm and help out!


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