Take one worry off school children’s minds this year

Make a donation toward LUPE's school supplies drive and help colonia children start the year off on the right foot. Click here to donate now.

When I was a kid, the start of the school year was always stressful. Not because of the new kids and teachers I’d have to meet. Or the new courses I’d have to take. Of course that was hard, but I knew I’d have my friends to make easing into the year a little smoother.

No, the reason the beginning of the year was so stressful for me was because it was a reminder of how poor I was. While everyone came to school decked out in their new, tax-free weekend clothing, with their fancy trapper-keepers and cool pens, me and my siblings couldn’t even afford everything on our school supplies list. For us Kleenex was a luxury item. And we were more concerned with whether we’d be sent home for having ripped jeans than what the brand of those jeans were. There was no doubt I’d be given a hard time for not having the proper school supplies or for wearing clothes that didn’t fit–by teachers, principles and other students alike.

That’s why it gives me great joy to announce that LUPE is launching a school supplies drive to help kids in the colonias with their school supplies this year.

While we organize to tackle the wider underlying problems that will give colonia children access to quality education in the future, right now we can provide for their basic educational needs through our school supplies drive. With donated supplies in their children’s hands, parents will be able to worry about buying the additional supplies or clothing items they otherwise couldn’t afford.

If you can, help a kid start school with one less worry this year by making a small $5 donation today.


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