LUPE’s organizing against wage theft getting stronger

Worker learning his rights

“Although we’re undocumented, we have rights.”

Rosario Contreras has dedicated herself to educating those around her about the rights that all immigrants have, whether documented or not. For that reason she is being trained to advocate for workers’ whose wages have been stolen.

“They abuse us because we don’t have documents. They don’t pay us the minimum wage and many of us aren’t paid at all.”

LUPE member Rosario Contreras helps lead training

At the training, organized by South Texas Civil Rights Project and LUPE, members learned that, although you might not have documents, you still have the right to organize, the right to be paid for your work, and the right to the minimum wage.

“The training was about the rights that we have, as people without documents, and how we can defend ourselves from bosses that want to abuse us,” Rosario said.

Organizer Cris Rocha trains LUPE leaders on worker rights

STCRP and LUPE are training leaders that can advocate for the rights of their fellow members and therefore better tackle the rampant problem of wage theft in the Valley. STCRP and LUPE are part of Fuerza del Valle, a new workers’ center dedicated to organizing for workers’ rights in the Rio Grande Valley.

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