4 responses to “Breaking: TX House passes HB12

  1. It is a shame that any race would harbor illegals because of race, yet those of us who want to stop the illegal migration are called racist, but what the HADES ARE THEY THEN by SUPPORTING SUCH A BILL ???? When it comes to race, the minorites hold it higher than blood and through their racist excrement in our faces ? What are the Non Racist, law abiding WHITES TO DO ??? We just want to laws to be upheld, is that too hard for our politicians ? I am going to find out WHO in texas voted for this and will smear their name and carcass all over FB. I am not a racist, but will surely retaliate racistly to those exposed as racist. Your either for the law of the or against it. You cannot pick and choose. FEDERAL LAWS which are on the books are now useless. If the Fed can pick and choose what laws are upholdable, so can the people. I AM LITTERALLY ASHAMED OF TEXAS AND GLAD IM MOVING TO OKLAHOMA WHERE THEY ARE NOT ASHAMED TO SAY “GOVERNMENT UPHOLD THE LAW OR WE WILL NOT ABIDE BY ANYMORE OF YOURS. AND I WILL SUPPORT OKLAHOMA ON THE ISSUES OF SHARIA LAW AND IMMIGRATION LAW. TIME TO MOVE ON, ADIOS TEXAS, MOVING TO A STATE WHERE ILLEGALS ARE ILLEGAL AND WILL BE CAUGHT AND JAILED.

    • It just really saddens me that the values that I was tought in THIS COUNTRY are the ones being questioned! I know the law was place by MEN for a reason but there are cirscumstances that people go thru that may make us break the law. Has no one driven faster than speed limit because your running late to work, school, etc..? I assume THIS law doesn’t really matter to many but why don’t you ask a mother whose’s child was killed by a driver that ran a red light because he/she was going too fast to stop? This is just a small example but can you imagine what you would do to provide for your family? I know I am bless to be a citizen of the USA but I know many are not as lucky. I just wonder if all the people that are “law abiding citizens” have ALWAYS follow the law not just when it’s convenient and beneficial for them. I understand there has to be rules and laws but is profiling the answer? I just wish our Senate would actually come up with a solution that is human and benefits our economy. I respect opinions but that doesn’t mean I agree! I DO NOT wish to be profile nor to judge someone by their appereance nor by the way the sound. I hope people inform themselves and don’t just follow other people’s point of view before knowing the facts and educating ourselves. Knowledge is the key and I encourage you to learn the immigration process before you form your opinion. Once you’ve done this maybe you’ll understand how the goverment makes it close to impossible for many to qualify. Be realistic and put yourselves in their shoes. Isn’t that the American way? Compassion. Americans are well known for this.

  2. You are a [expletive deleted] racist,the laws are created according to the convenience of those in power the nazis were following their laws when they were exterminating Jews,Jim crow laws even wrong were uphold by a white supreme court,this is not about law this is about race, whites feels that they are been menaced for other races on this case hispanic, go 65 years back and you will see the similarity between this laws and the nazis laws against the Jews enforced by the gestapo and the ss’s.

  3. I believe that approving the HB 12 is NOT a good idea. why? because our country is full of immigrants. and they make a HUGE diference in our economy you guys have to admit.!!! PLUS. we are in a FREE country were their isn’t supposed to be racism! well atleast thats what you guys have been the whole world.! And by putting that law you are demostrating the complete opposite.!!!!!!! some immigrants dont just come to distroy or to do bad things Many of those who come to the united states ilegaly come because of economy reason or safty or simply because they want to have a better life. you guys JUDGE immigrants without knowing what are the reasons. you guys treat them like if they are way less then you guys. but no it shouldnt be that way. immigrants are people we should all be proud of many of them come to this country to make their child new and better opportunitites. something that legal people dont do that. Those people that come to this country illegaly dont have the help that those who are legal and yet they work their asses off to give their family a good life. Blaming illegal people of all the bad things that are happening around the country isnt fair. you guys do that because you guys know that they cant stand up for them selves because their affraid!!! why are they affraid? oh because you guys have maked them that way. when they shouldnt be!!!! hopefully you guys relized how wrong you guys are because siriously Immigrants are AWESOME they help this economy enormously and they are people everyone should be proud off!!!!!

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