9 responses to “Texas Can Do Better than SB 9 and Secure Communities

  1. I called Hinojosa’s office and expressed my indignation. I.was not able to talk to the analist because he was on the phone.p

  2. spoke with “Daniela” and she told me that my concerns about the bill were unfounded, and wondered if I had read the bill. Quite defensive.

  3. “Oscar was taking our concerns very seriously. Not sure why Daniela would make that kind of claim.”

    I think that it must be her–I found out from another person who called that she received the same reaction–Daniela felt that it was fine to fingerprint someone who wasn’t charged with a crime.

    • Daniela and Oscar are both representatives of the Senator and thus the Senator is ultimately responsible for the actions and positions his staff take. We’ll continue the dialogue. Thanks for everyone who’s calling!

  4. Keep up the good work everyone, we have people calling too!

  5. This is simply not true. Senate Bill 9 would not FORCE police to do anything. It simply prevents their bosses from ordering the police to NOT inquire about imigration status. It give discression to the police.

    Besides that, if you don’t commit crimes, you won’t be asked so don’t worry about it unless you are a criminal.

    • Hi Cliff, this post was related to the original SB9, which focused on implementing the Secure Communities program in local jails. Read more about it here: https://lupergv.wordpress.com/2011/04/14/sb9-increasing-the-burden-on-public-employees-and-immigrant-families/ The current SB9 includes the regular session version of SB9 as well as HB12, which is the bill you’re referring to.

      Giving police the discretion to detain and deport someone for a traffic violation is not justice. Giving police the discretion to separate someone from their family because of reporting or being a victim of a crime is not justice. Police do not need any kind of discretion when it comes to immigration status in order to do their job. Law enforcement officials all over the state know that and are against SB9/HB12’s passage.

      Cliff, I’m sure you believe in the principal of innocent until proven guilty. Well with both versions of SB9, immigrants are put into the deportation system whether they’ve been convicted of a crime or not. Texans who’ve been here for 10, 15 years, who have families, homes, livelihoods, roots, memories, stories, all here in Texas, can be put into deportation proceedings as a result of a routine traffic stop.

      Cliff, what if you were separated from your whole family because of running a stop sign? Is that right? Is running a stop sign or speeding when you’re late to work the kind of crime that you’d like to be separated from your family and loved ones for?

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