They Get the Tax Breaks, We Get the Bill

Union workers protest the tax-payer funded bailout of Bank of America

Union workers protest the tax-payer funded bailout of Bank of America

I pay my taxes. I bet you do, too.

But a lot of big, profitable companies pay little or nothing at all. GE is a good example—the company paid no taxes last year, despite $14.2 billion in profits.

While hard-working Americans scrimp and save to pay their taxes, wealthy corporations and Wall Street banks are able to take advantage of billions in tax breaks, loopholes and handouts.

And then politicians on Capitol Hill and in the states have the nerve to tell us our country can’t afford Social Security or Medicare or education or investments in jobs.

The AFL-CIO and have a better idea: Let’s make them pay.

This Tax Day, April 18, the AFL-CIO and are organizing hundreds of Tax Day: Make Them Pay events to call on US lawmakers to cut corporate tax breaks, not social spending. RSVP for an event near you.


The billions profitable corporations get in tax breaks could keep teachers and firefighters on the job, feed hungry women and children, fund critical medical research and do the actual work of reducing our long-term budget deficit.

But Republicans in Congress and the states won’t listen to us until thousands of taxpayers and voters are in the streets, calling out the billion-dollar corporations that pay little or nothing in taxes.

So that’s what they intend to do. On April 18, thousands of union members, MoveOn members and other allies will gather all over the country outside the offices of corporations not paying their fair share. They’ll deliver tax bills to the biggest corporate tax-dodgers and demand that our elected leaders make them pay.

The biggest tax-dodgers are companies tax payers interact with every day. AFL-CIO and MoveOn’s “Deadbeat Dozen Tax Dodgers” list includes: GE, Boeing, BP, FedEx, Google, Citigroup, Amazon, Chase, Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, WellsFargo, and Bank of America.

They are some of the biggest and most profitable companies in the US, yet we’re expected to pay their way. Goldman Sachs received almost $13 billion from the bailout of AIG. And Bank of America was the second biggest recipient of federal bailout programs in the financial crisis, receiving a whopping $336.1 billion through eight major programs. Citigroup was number one, receiving $476.2 billion.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the same law makers giving tax breaks to the nation’s wealthiest corporations are blaming immigrants for the nation’s economic ills. If the anti-democratic, immensely powerful corporations can’t be rightfully singled out as the cause of our economic problems by corporate Republicans and Democrats that depend on them for campaign contributions, then a culprit must be invented. In Wisconsin, Governor Walker singled out public employees’ unions as a viable scapegoat for the budget shortfall his corporate tax cuts helped create. In dozens of others states, politically powerless undocumented immigrants do the trick.

The education, jobs and infrastructure cuts states are making are painful. Now Republicans in the U.S. House are coming after everything that’s left. They want to kill 2 million jobs, dismantle and privatize Medicare, slash health care and food aid for low-income children and hack away infrastructure, job creation and job safety funds—all so they can hand over a gold mine in still more tax breaks to corporations and the rich.

Click here to find and RSVP for an April 18 Tax Day: Make Them Pay event near you.


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