3 responses to “SB9: Increasing the Burden on Public Employees and Immigrant Families

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  2. i say is not fair to imigrants …and also employees from texas
    look and see what imigrants have build for texas
    ….. people from here just be asking money to the government
    even knowing they have hands and feet to work …. their so lazy
    asking people for money in the streets …..
    they should not take action towards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Lily, thank you for sharing! It is true that immigrants have worked hard to help build Texas. People from here have, too. Many of those who stand on corners asking for money are veterans who have fought for this country, some in multiple wars. Many veterans are wounded for life and can’t maintain normal jobs, but because our government focuses more money on fighting wars than caring for our soldiers at home, their veteran benefits run out or they just can’t receive the specialized care they need. Veterans regularly drive for hours to the nearest Veterans hospital in San Antonio, enduring intense pain and discomfort along the way. Many can’t afford to make the trip. Neglected by the government they fought bravely for, and without the ability to provide for themselves, they turn to begging for survival.

      Others suffer from mental health disorders that keep them from functioning in a regular job. Without health insurance or a public health care system that sees mental health as important as physical health, they struggle to get by. Still others are temporarily homeless, having lost their job and their ability to pay the high cost of rent. Many people without close or supporting friends or relatives turn to homeless shelters and begging to feed themselves and their families. Many of those homeless, without bank accounts, permanent addresses or the ability to care for their appearance, are stigmatized and denied jobs they might otherwise get without a problem.

      Asking money from the government is not a bad thing. Personally, there were many times in my childhood that my family, as hard as my mom and dad worked, would not have been able to feed me and my brothers and sister if it wasn’t for the food stamps we received each month. I wouldn’t have been able to go to college and earn my degree if it wasn’t for government financial aid. To this day my family lives in government subsidized housing and we still barely get by each month. The reality is that without working people like my family paying for it, there would be no government. We have the right to get some of that money back when we need it.

      In these situations, the problem lies with the misuse of the money we pay each day (sales tax), each month (property tax when we pay rent) and each year (income tax) and not enough of that money coming back to us in the form of quality services like health care, emergency loans and loan forgiveness, and welfare and help when we need it so that we can live our lives with dignity and respect.

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