– Immigration raid complaints cause fear among residents

by Erika Flores

La Union Del Pueblo Entero said they’ve received many complaints about immigration raids going on in the Valley.

They said residents should not have to live in fear.

Patricia doesn’t have proper documentation to live in the U.S., so she lives in constant fear of being deported.

Since she’s made a life for herself here, she said there’s nothing in Mexico for her.

Patricia came to Donna and raised her daughter who has made many friends.

That makes uprooting her family that much more difficult.

That’s the sentiment of many attending a meeting for La Union Del Pueblo Entero.

“People are feeling the oppression of having to deal with this new situation,” said Juanita Valdez-Cox with LUPE.

Residents went to the meeting to report any immigration raids they’ve heard of or seen and discuss what actions to take.

“I’m scared when I go out, but I can’t just stay in the house and hide,” said Raquel. “I have to go to work.

LUPE members said they do not want undocumented people to live in fear, instead, they want people to document any problems they have with border patrol or any raids they see.

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And view all the photos from the event on our flickr page here.


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