4 responses to “Raids continued through the weekend and into this week. Emergency press conference in response to BP raids in Weslaco area

  1. Shirley M. Frias Saenz

    Si Se Puede!

    It is time to have an Huega Strike in all the fields across America! No food for white people!

  2. So why is everyone upset? It is an insult to everyone who put in the time, effort and money to be here the right way. It is possible to legally attain citizenship, and much cheaper and safer. These polleros rob, kill and rape people seeking entry to the U.S. and if you get stopped and you are here legally then you have nothing to worry about.

  3. Unfortunately tellmewhy, there is not a real way to attain a legal status, of course it would be cheaper, and safer; but even if it was expensive, I assure you that people would take that over living in fear. That is why people look so earnestly for a reform, a way for people who come here to work, to live in peace, and those who come to steal and cheat to be put away.

  4. Tellmewhy, this is a great illustration of our convoluted and often dead-end system of legal immigration: http://www.houstonimmigrationreform.org/img/whatpartoflegal.jpg

    If you face the starvation of your family by staying in Mexico or Guatemala and you have no legal means of entering the U.S., you are going to risk being robbed or raped by the polleros, or death from exposure. Because staying is slow death and coming is a chance at survival.

    The biggest culprit in the whole scenario is US-driven neoliberal policy, where Latin American governments are bullied into cutting social spending, liberalizing markets and privatizing communal land holdings, forcing indigenous and campesino farmers off their land and into the now global low wage labor force. Without jobs in their home countries, they must migrate to the US and Europe in order to survive.

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