Border Patrol stopping colonia residents in Weslaco

[Update: On Thursday we called Univision about the situation. In their often tireless efforts to provide urgent news to the immigrant community, they investigated the story. They spotted a Border Patrol truck in one of the colonias. They also interviewed a supervisor who said that they are not conducting any raids. More updates as they come.]

Today Doña Maria of the Mercedes office started getting reports of Border Patrol making arrests in Weslaco. Residents reported that yesterday and today, the Border Patrol were patrolling the area around colonia La Paloma between Miles 10 and 13 N along 1015. They went into a tire shop, a meat market, a panedería and a dollar store all close to 1015.

Three patrol cars drove around the various colonias in that region stopping cars. One colonia resident said she lives close to where one of the officers was stopping cars. He set up a make-shift check point in one of the empty lots in colonia La Paloma where he got down from the car and was stopping cars as they passed.

We don’t know yet who exactly was taken but residents estimated that the Border Patrol took around 15 people between the two days. People are so scared they don’t even want to come out of their houses. Hopefully I’ll have updates tomorrow.


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