17 of 21 undocumented student leaders release from jail after civil disobedience in congressional offices on Capitol Hill

UPDATE: All 21 students have been released and none were turned over to immigration. All have returned to their communities more determined than ever to fight for the DREAM.

Seventeen of the 21 undocumented students that were arrested for participating in sit-ins in support of the DREAM Act at Congressional offices were released early this morning between midnight and 1am. Our own Jose Torres (above), the Texan amongst the “Reid 5” who sat-in Senate Majority Leader Reid’s office, is among the students who were released. The “McCain 4” – four individuals who sat in Senator McCain’s office – are still in jail and are awaiting a court hearing.

These brave students have risked deportation in order to illustrate the urgency for the passage of the DREAM Act.

The Washington Post published this article on the courageous actions taken by student leaders to pass the DREAM Act. Let’s show them we support their bold actions!


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