Next Target in Fight for DREAM Act: Hispanic Caucus

Last week we reported on Representative Cuellar’s recent cosponsorship of the DREAM Act. Today I bring you a few updates on that front.

On Wednesday, June 16, the day after Cuellar announced he would be cosponsoring the Act, Texas students held an action outside of Cuellar’s San Antonio office thanking him for his cosponsorship and calling on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to take up leadership of the Act.

According to Julieta Garibay, board member of United We DREAM, the action outside of Cuellar’s office went great. One of Cuellar’s staff members came out to the action to speak about Cuellar’s support for the legislation. In a statement, Cuellar wrote, “I have long supported the merits of the DREAM Act and I have long been a supporter of immigration reform that is built on creating a strong guest worker program, stronger security at our border and a fair path of legalization for those individuals living in the shadows.”

Organizers of the rally, including University Leadership Initiative, Texas DREAM Act Alliance, and United We DREAM, used the opportunity to shift focus toward what they have identified as the next step in the campaign to getting the Act passed: movement on the part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The Caucus moves as a body, says Garibay. Either they push for the DREAM Act together or they don’t. Many of the CHC are from Texas, including the three congressmen representing the Valley. Therefore, DREAM activists in Texas can play a large role in pushing the Caucus to act.

Garibay says that those looking to get involved in support of the DREAM Act should contact their representatives and call on them to cosponsor the act if they have not done so already. As for the Valley representatives, who have now all cosponsored the act, we can call on them to push the rest of the CHC. Depending on how much pressure they see from the public, they could potentially move on the act as early as this month. Of course that depends on how active we are in animating our friends and families to pressure them to take a stand on the issue.

Call your representative today and ask them to help move the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The Texas members of the Caucus are:
* 1st Vice Chair Charlie Gonzalez (San Antonio): (202) 225-3236
* 2nd Vice Chair Rubén Hinojosa (Rio Grande Valley): (202) 225-2531
* Henry Cuellar (Laredo): (202) 225-1640
* Solomon Ortiz (Brownsville, Corpus Christi): (202) 225-7742
* Silvestre Reyes (El Paso): (202) 225-4831
* Ciro Rodriguez (West Texas): (202) 225-4511


2 responses to “Next Target in Fight for DREAM Act: Hispanic Caucus

  1. i tried calling the number for ruben hinojosa’s office but I was told that it was not the correct number. did this happen to anyone else?

  2. Amy, thank you for calling. That should be the correct number. I called and got the answering machine, but it was his office. Try calling again, please!

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