Protest of Murder by US Border Patrol

On Friday, Community members gathered on the busy intersection in front of the federal building in McAllen to protest the murder of Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka, the second Mexican civilian murdered by US Border Patrol within the span of two weeks.

On Tuesday June 8, in Ciudad Juarez, a Border Patrol agent fatally shot the 15-year-old near the El Paso del Norte bridge that joins Juarez and El Paso, Texas. The boy’s sister, Rosario, told Associated Press Television News that her brother was playing with several friends and did not plan to cross the border.

The protest, organized by the Southwest Workers’ Union, denounced the use of excessive and deadly force against unarmed working people and youth, which is a violation of our human rights and has led to death and the suffering of families.

When asked how she felt upon hearing of Huereka’s death, community member Cruz said, “Bad, because you also have kids.” She said that parents can only imagine how it feels to lose a child. “It is unjust what they are doing to us, and only because we come to work.”

The US Department of Justice said that it would launch an investigation concerning civil rights violations. The El Paso-based Border Network for Human Rights, an 11-year-old community organization that works for comprehensive immigration reform and accountable and responsible border policy, said that they will do all they can to ensure justice is served. In a statement released Tuesday, BNHR Director Fernando Garcia said the Network “will follow these developments closely and is preparing a series of activities to bring about justice and accountability.”

The most recent violence was made public only two weeks after President Obama announced 1,200 National Guard troops to be sent to the US-Mexico border. According to Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department, there were 5 deaths and injuries on the border due to the Border Patrol in 2008, increasing to 12 in 2009 and now 17 in the first 6 months of 2010. The increased militarization of the border coupled with anti-immigrant hostility means that this trend is sure to increase.

View more video of the protest here and more pictures here and here (thanks to Mary Scully).


2 responses to “Protest of Murder by US Border Patrol

  1. History repeats itself. The U.S. immigration service retaliated against Mexico in 1951 by ALLOWING thousands of ‘illegals’ to cross the border, arresting them, and then turning them over to the Texas Employment Commission, which delivered them to work – my mother, father, and relatives included- as their penalty, for various grower groups in Texas and elsewhere. THESE THINGS WILL ALWAYS FAIL THE U.S. BECAUSE OF THEIR ILL CONCEIVED MOTIVES, I WAS BORN AS A RESULT OF THIS PERIOD AND NOW THE LUCHA CONTINUES!
    Years after having been sent to Mexico – me included, and losing my mother and father as a result of it — to fend as we could, I returned to the U.S. at the age of eleven only to be kicked literally out of the country because I was ‘a wetback who had stolen the birth certificate’. I crossed as I could, attended school in California, worked for three years, and in 1965 was kicked out again, had my papers taken away, almost died in Mexicali Baja California, crossed again, continued school, worked, and again in 1972, was bulldozed along with many many others ‘because we were criminals’ out of Main Street, which doesn’t exist anymore replaced by The Steinbeck Museum and some pretty trees- in Salinas California.
    Yes, people, history repeats itself, but again I say, ill motives only bring bad results: la lucha continua y continuará.

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