Take Action this Saturday against SB 1070

Day of Action against SB 1070, 5-29-10

In solidarity with our immigrant and POC sisters and brothers in Arizona and as participants in a National Day of Action and Protest against Arizona SB 1070, the Equal Voice Network is proud to offer “Un Acto de Presencia” from 5:15pm to 6:15pm, Saturday evening, May 29th, on the south side of the intersection of Exp 83 and Raul Longoria Drive, San Juan Texas (at the entrance to the Shrine of San Juan).

Take a stand against SB 1070 and for civil rights, due process, family unification, and freedom from discrimination and racial profiling! No more militarization of our border and criminalization of our community!

We ask you to bring signs of protest to the law so that we may share our message of solidarity and support with as many people as possible.

Join the Facebook event here and let us know you’re coming!

Also, the Liberation Caravan, organized by the Southwest Workers’ Union and leaving San Antonio tomorrow morning, will be taking 55 representatives from the RGV and other Texas cities to the National Day of Action in Phoenix, where around 50,000 people are expected to march against SB 1070. For more information on the caravan, contact Anayanse Garza.

Don’t miss this great article by Conor Friedersdorf from theatlantic.com: “The Best Case Against Arizona’s Immigration Law: The Experience of Greater Phoenix”


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