May Day Rally: No to SB1070, Yes to Humane Immigration Reform!

Over 250 community members of the Rio Grande Valley showed up to rally for immigrant and workers rights in McAllen, joining the movement of about 100 similar May Day events happening around the country. McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez helped kick things off, showing his support for immigration reform and the need for us to come together on this issue.

In honor of International Workers’ Day, Antonio Carrizalez (pictured above) talked about the farmworker movement and urged protesters to boycott Arizona, citing the successful strikes organized by farmworkers to achieve workplace justice.

Several folks talked about the urgent need for immigration reform, including a group of Veterans who are against Arizona’s new law – click here to view the video. Congressman Rep. Ruben Hinojosa addressed the rally, also denouncing SB1070 and reaffirming his support for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). View a clip here:

To close out, UTPA students performed a play to portray the farmworker struggle of overcoming injustice by organizing for change and using strikes to win a contract for workers rights.

You can see more pictures here (courtesy of Mary Scully) and videos here.

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to attend the rally please sign the following petitions:

1. Ask President Obama to take action on SB1070 and CIR
2. Send a message to Gov. Brewer and pledge a boycott of Arizona
3. Take action to urge your senators to push for CIR

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