ARISE Vigil for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In solidarity with the national interdenominational effort through the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, ARISE held a prayer vigil this morning to call attention to the urgent need for justice in the immigration reform system.

The national vigils are all calling on Congress and the Obama administration to push forward legislation that will keep families together, create pathways to citizenship and protect all workers’ rights.

A representative from Senator Cornyn’s office, Ana Garcia, came to support along with a representative from Rep. Hinojosa’s office. ARISE gathered more than 1,000 signatures in support for CIR and presented them to each of the representatives to share with Senator Cornyn and Rep. Hinojosa.

Ana Garcia, Rep from Sen. Cornyn's office, receives signatures for CIR

Together we sang No Nos Moverán (We Shall Not be Moved) in honor and remembrance of those who are suffering injustice because of our broken immigration system:

Como un arbol firme junto al rio, no nos moverán


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