Friday round-up!

Here’s a round-up of major news from the past week. Enjoy and stay warm!

1. Immigration Policy Center has a new study out that shows how immigration reform will boost the economy. Legalizing undocumented immigrants could “add $1.5 trillion to the gross domestic product over the next 10 years.” Read the entire report here.

2. More unjust deportations: a Haitian man in New York is being deported for a felony he was convicted for 24 years ago and one that he already served 10 years in prison for. Since then he’s been involved as an immigrant rights activist, married an American citizen and is a father of four. How is his deportation possible? “Under retroactive immigration laws enacted in 1996, any immigrant convicted of a felony faces deportation.” Another story of millions to show the destruction of due process and civil rights and the separation of families due to nonsensical immigration law.

3. Here’s an inspiring story to show the strength of the immigration reform movement: 4 students are walking from Florida to DC to demand equal access to education and comprehensive immigration reform:

    **Event announcement:

WHERE: WILLACY COUNTY PROCESSING CENTER. 1800 Industrial Dr., off Hwy 77, Raymondville, TX

BACKGROUND: Holding 3,000 detainees, the Willacy County Processing Center is the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) largest immigrant detention center. Since “Ritmo” opened, detainees have suffered sexual abuse, negligence in medical care, unhygienic facilities, spoiled and rotten food, inappropriate use of solitary confinement, and inadequate access to representation and services.

Immigration detention separates families and stands between noncitizens and the communities that provide them emotional, spiritual, and legal support. Tell MTC, Willacy County, and the Obama Administration that the conditions at Ritmo will not stand! Demand an end to family separation, mandatory detention, and deportation NOW!

Contact Cindy Johnson (mc2dogss [at] bcglobal [dot] net) for more info!


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