LUPE’s impact in 2009 & Happy New Year!

LUPE celebrating new, politically conscious citizens

Happy New Year to all! 2009 has been a great year for social change and we wanted to share with our supporters the impact we have made this year. As a community organization, we are proud that we have continued to grow and expand our efforts organizing for social change. Check out some of what we’ve done in ’09:

    LUPE’s Impact in Social Services…

*5,500+ members reached through our membership services and benefits and through community organizing initiatives
*2.3 million dollars received in tax refunds with over 1000 tax returns filed at LUPE
*300 new citizens from our citizenship preparation class

    LUPE’s Impact in Community Organizing…

*470 new leaders trained in local Colonias
*1200 supporters marched in honor of Cesar Chavez
*Outreach to 9 Valley cities for delegations with police chiefs on 287(g)
*Joined the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance & national coalition in solidarity with over 600 organizations

Help us increase our impact by donating today.

It’s truly thanks to supporters like you that we’re able to organize effectively. We will continue to need your help in 2010 as we push for passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Please consider making a donation toward increasing our impact in 2010 and beyond. Thanks for reading and keep coming back to stay informed on the issues you care about!


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