International Migrants Day Action! + Friday round-up

-It’s been a great week for the immigration reform movement! Rep. Gutierrez introduced the first comprehensive immigration bill, CIR-ASAP. You can read a summary of the bill here and coverage of our press conference here. (In local news, all 3 Valley Congressional Reps (Hinojosa, Cuellar & Ortiz) have co-sponsored the bill!

-On the flip side, the broken immigration system continues to be a harsh reality for migrants at the border. According to Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission, more than 5,000 migrants have died trying to get to the US since 1994. On average, “three migrants perished every two days in 2007 and 2008 in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

-Other recent news at the border: it seems that the government is continuing to take and use land from border residents for “surveys” – more here.

-In more economic news – one of our partner organizations TRLA (Texas RioGrande Legal Aid) has filed suit against food stamp backlogs that’s denying ‘thousands of Texans from access to food.’

-In honor of International Migrants Day, we are aiming to make 1,000 phone calls from the Valley to our representatives to thank them for co-sponsoring the Comprehensive Immigration Bill and to remind them we want to see CIR passed next year.

Please take 5 minutes to call 1-866-587-3023 and follow these instructions:

1. When you call, you will hear a recording then transferred to the Capitol Switchboard.
2. Tell the operator the name of your member of Congress or provide your zip code so they can connect you.
3. Once connected to your member, you may be asked for your name and/or address. Tell them “Thank you for co-sponsoring CIR-ASAP (Gutierrez’s immigration bill) – the Valley needs immigration reform NOW!”


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