Gutierrez wants Comprehensive Immigration Reform ASAP!

Press release from LUPE:


San Juan, TX – Today, a broad coalition that reflects the richness and diversity of America, took the first steps toward passing comprehensive immigration reform in 2010. Representatives of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, The Congressional Asian and Pacific Americans Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, and Congressional Progressive Caucus joined Congressman Luis Gutierrez to introduce the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security And Prosperity” (CIR A.S.A.P.) in the US House of Representatives. The legislation will protect workers, keep families together, and promote our national security while ensuring that we stay true to our values as a nation of immigrants.

The Equal Voice for America campaign, made up of several Valley organizations including Proyecto Azteca, La Union del Pueblo Entero, Southwest Workers’ Union, Proyecto Juan Diego, Proyecto Libertad, the START Center, Project ARISE, and SCAN view the introduction of this bill as a sign of progress and momentum for action on real, common sense immigration reform by this Congress. Ann Cass, Executive Director of Proyecto Azteca, responded to the proposed legislation saying, “We are glad that Rep. Gutierrez has filed the bill because now we can move forward with the action to get a just and comprehensive immigration reform.”

Juanita Valdez-Cox, LUPE’s Executive Director added, “We can’t afford more delay, it’s time to fix out broken immigration system. Today was a big step in the right direction, and we hope Congress follows Rep. Gutierrez’ example.” Rogelio Nunez of Proyecto Libertad, in Harlingen, expressed his hope that the bill, at the end of the day, would create an immigration system that is “broad-ranging, inclusive and opens up new possibilities for the next generation of immigrants to our country.”

Americans all over the country are organizing to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Last month, at least 60,000 Americans participated in more than 1,000 house parties in 45 states. They have been mobilizing, taking action, and making their voices heard by texting “justice” or “justicia” to 69866 and getting connected to the Reform Immigration for America campaign. They are also calling 1-866-974-8813 to tell the White House to keep its promise, and act to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year. All over the country, Americans are taking action to celebrate International Migrants Day and the introduction of the first immigration reform bill, as it will finally start the discussion on comprehensive reform.

Equal Voice for America’s Families staff and members will meet with Rep. Ruben Hinojosa on Tuesday, December 15 and with Rep. Henry Cuellar on Friday, December 18 to discuss immigration reform and reaffirm their support of successful passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2010. Equal Voice for America’s Families is holding a Press Conference on Tuesday to mark the introduction of Rep. Gutierrez’s immigration reform bill:

What: Press Conference to mark the introduction of the CIR-A.S.A.P. bill
When: 9:00 AM, Tuesday December 15, 2009
Where: LUPE office in San Juan, TX at the corner of Cesar Chavez Road and Business 83


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