CIR-ASAP – let’s start the process on winning immigration reform!

Many community organizations were present at today’s press conference – ARISE, LUPE, Proyecto Azteca – all representing the Equal Voice for America’s Voice coalition, as well as the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance and the national Reform Immigration for America coalition. Groups were gathered to mark the introduction of Rep. Gutierrez’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, CIR-ASAP. (READ THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FROM THE OFFICE OF REP. GUTIERREZ HERE.)

Everyone was really pleased to hear that Rep. Gutierrez has introduced the first immigration reform bill – a sign & call to action that Congress needs to start working on getting common sense and humane immigration reform legislation passed next year!

Martha, LUPE organizer, talks to the crowd about CIR

We urged the crowd to call the White House on the provided 1866 #s to tell President Obama that we support immigration reform, that we’re excited about the start of the process with Gutierrez’s bill, and that we expect him to make good on his promise to reform immigration policy!

Call the White House to tell them you support CIR!!

Also check out a video of Juanita, LUPE executive Director, discussing the need for immigration reform NOW! (In English around :45 seconds)

And watch Lourdes Flores, ARISE Exec Director, talk about comprehensive immigration reform (CIR):


ENGLISH: 1 866-584-0773
ESPANOL: 1 866-974-8813


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