12/11 News Round-up!

Here’s some news from the past week in case you missed it:

1. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and confirmed that comprehensive immigration reform remains a priority and will likely be addressed in 2010.

2. Rep. Gutierrez will be introducing the first comprehensive bill on immigration reform NEXT week! Check back for more updates on the blog – we’ll also be having a few events next week to mark the introduction of this important legislation!

3. In local immigration-related news, the Valley has a new Bishop, Daniel Flores, who is very much in favor of immigration reform and will hopefully be a key ally for us!

4. In healthcare news, it looks like the Senate has reached a “deal” to drop the public option, and will instead hire private insurance companies to run an alternative health plan. Some good news is the expanded coverage for 55-64 year olds to access Medicare. More good news is that the Senate defeated an amendment that was anti-choice & anti-women’s rights.

Some local events we’re having:

-this morning, several Valley groups met with Homeland Security representatives to discuss topics related to the border community including the complaint process, training and evaluation of Border Patrol officers, community relations/outreach and short term detention. Check back for more updates on the meeting!

-today at 5pm we’re inviting anyone who’s interested in joining a Valley-wide network of allies to support the movement for immigration reform. Rio Grande Guardian did a preview of the event here. (Disclaimer – link might not last very long!)


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