Friday Round Up: In case you missed it!

1. The New York Times reports: “Growing numbers of noncitizens, including legal immigrants, are held unnecessarily and transferred heedlessly in an expensive immigration detention system that denies many of them basic fairness.” We’ve known this for a while, but still glad to see NYT reporting on it. Here’s another interesting article, with specifics on South Texas detention centers and troubling mental health statistics among detainees.

2. In other immigration news – did you hear the one where the charity wanted to ask kids their immigration status before handing out toys? Things are so crazy that this seriously almost happened… Immigration Impact has a good post on it here!

3. A new Forbes article on “America’s Most Unequal Cities,” shows that three of those poverty-stricken areas are in Texas and two of those are in the Valley: McAllen & Brownsville. According to the list, the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area “is the most impoverished metro area in the country.” Similarly, Brownsville is number 10 on the list for income inequality with annual income of the bottom 20% at $6,160 while the annual income of the top 20% is $116,123. Rest of the list is here.

4. As the healthcare reform bill is being considered & voted on by the Senate, there still isn’t enough dialogue on making sure the final bill includes legal immigrants and allows undocumented immigrants to purchase insurance with their own money. Here’s a good post that puts it pretty simply: “By letting the undocumented buy into the exchange, the risks and costs of the new health care system would be spread out among more participants.” Thus making it more affordable for all and accessible to all.

To end this post, here’s a great video of our allies in DC visiting Rep. Joe Wilson’s office to confront him about his harsh anti-immigrant stance on health care:


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