Friday link round up!

1. On Wed, Nov 18th the national campaign Reform Immigration FOR America held a tele-conference with Rep. Gutierrez as he addressed immigration reform to more than 60,000 Americans listening in. It was a powerful event – LUPE had hundreds of community members come out to its 4 offices for these listening parties. Pics coming soon but read more in the Guardian’s article here and McAllen times article here.

2. In health care news, Texas Sen. Eliot Shapleigh is urging Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid to guarantee access to health care for all Texans in any bill that is passed. The current Senate health care reform bill would allow states to opt-out of a public option type plan, which could potentially cover millions of Americans. Read State Sen. Shapleigh’s full letter here.

3. Recent victory for immigrant rights – women who are seeking U.S. citizenship will not to be forced to take HPV vaccine. Can’t even believe that our government would have made vaccination mandatory without the woman’s consent.

4. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano recently gave her first speech on immigration reform at the Center for American Progress. According to Immigration Impact, her speech displays clear support for comprehensive immigration reform. View her full speech here.


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