Drop Dobbs Campaign Victory: Lou Dobbs Resigns from CNN

What a wonderful night for anti-racism work – Lou Dobbs has resigned from his position as host of CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight! This is definitely due to the very effective campaigns run by two main groups, BastaDobbs.com and DropDobbs.com. They disseminated the truth about Lou Dobbs’ blatant racism and fear-tactics on air and gathered petitions to put pressure on Jon Klein, President of CNN, to effectively ‘drop’ Dobbs from the network. And with the help of partner organizations & amazing grassroots effort, they did it!!

Watch Lou Dobbs’ official statement of resignation:

While I feel a bit cautious when thinking about where his future “advocacy” work will take him, I’m too excited at the current victory, especially since earlier we had posted on the campaigns against Dobbs & Beck. At LUPE we are relieved to hear about Dobbs’ departure as it ends an era of his hate media geared towards creating fear and violent attitudes towards undocumented immigrants. Juanita Valdez-Cox, Executive Director of LUPE said:

“We are pleased to note that CNN finally realized that Lou Dobbs and his anti-immigrant rants hurt their organization’s credibility with a national audience. For months the national campaign to oust Dobbs has continued to gain strength and finally resulted in his termination. Dobbs departure from CNN is a demonstration of the growing support for comprehensive immigration reform and the rejection of the worn-out strategies of irrational immigrant-bashing.”

Si se puede!


One response to “Drop Dobbs Campaign Victory: Lou Dobbs Resigns from CNN

  1. can’t say I’m gonna miss him.

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