Hutchison wrong on Health Care Reform


“Hutchison Wrong on Health Care”“Hutchison, 1 in 4 in Texas Uninsured”“Hutchison, Health Care for All NOW!”

Those were some of the messages we delivered to Sen. Hutchison yesterday at a rally that we quickly put together when we found out she would be giving a press conference to criticize health care reform.

While Hutchison goes on about how terrible health care reform will be (without giving alternative ideas to fix the system), the truth is that even the current reform bills are not enough to truly fix the system. To really have equal, affordable access to health care for ALL (regardless of income, race, gender, location), what we need is the single-payer system. More on the differences between single-payer and the public option here.

It’s true, the House bill is not perfect – it’s far from perfect and far from what we wanted, but this is what we have to work with right now. We do know this bill will significantly expand Medicare to help bring health care to more low-income families and do a better job of regulating insurance companies. We also know that regardless of what happens, the fight will not be over – we will continue to organize for affordable and greater access to health care for our communities. In fact, there’s a movement in support of Health Care for All in Texas that you can get involved with by clicking on the link!

Plus, we can still get our voices and help shape the bill to meet the needs of low-income communities while the bill is debated in the Senate and eventually comes into the conference committee to be agreed upon by both chambers. During this process, we can still get the Kucinich amendment inserted in the bill, which would allow states to adopt single-payer, and we can make sure the anti-reproductive rights Stupak amendment is taken out. We also need to continue to work to make sure that ALL people are included in the health exchange regardless of status, and that the 5 year ban for legal immigrants to access health care is amended.

What do you think about health care reform and the proposed bills? What are you still confused about and what do you really need from health care reform?


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