Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance

reform immigration for texas alliance!

reform immigration for texas alliance!

I attended a training this Saturday with Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA), which is a component of Reform Immigration for America (RI4A). RITA is an alliance of a number of Texas organizations dedicated to building support for a sensible immigration policy. I’m so excited that LUPE and so many organizations Texas-wide are a part of this important alliance! This time I feel that we, the immigrant rights movement, are incredibly organized and have learned a LOT from 2007 when CIR was last brought up. The big goal is to get 279 votes (218 in the House + 60 in the Senate + 1 signature from the President) for a reform bill that includes some form of our principles. Check out the principles for CIR here.

To get this effort going, on 10/13 RITA and RI4A are convening a national gathering of thousands of families and community members to partake in a rally and engage in legislative visits to show our Congress members the need for immigration reform. Out of thousands of people that will be in DC for this historic event, 80 will represent RITA, and 11 of these community members are coming from the RGV. President Obama and many legislators were voted into office based on campaigning that included promises to get CIR passed and it’s our job to hold them accountable!

I also want to take a minute and thank the amazing amount of LUPE members that donated $1 each to sign their name on our “I Support Immigration Reform” poster. These donations have made it possible for 5 representatives from LUPE to attend this important event in DC. We will be carrying the posters at the rally in an effort to carry the voices of those who could attend all the way to DC!

Signatures in support of CIR

Signatures in support of CIR


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