Help stop Glenn Beck & Lou Dobbs from hate media!

It’s time: Glenn Beck & Lou Dobbs have got to go. The two right-wing television hosts have been using fear tactics & dishonest journalism to advance their racist & anti-immigrant agenda for years. Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs use racist propaganda and outright lies to scare the American public and influence American politics for the worse. Here are just 2 examples that expose the hate media in action:

FALSE: Glenn Beck asserts undocumented immigrants have no legal rights
FACT: undocumented immigrants DO have legal rights, to name a few: public education, public medical assistance, due process

Check it out:

FALSE: Lou Dobbs asserts that immigrants have brought 7000 cases of leprosy in the past 3 years.
FACT: The 7000 cases of leprosy have come in the past 30 years and there is no evidence linking all cases to undocumented immigrants.

Check it out:

Want to stop their lies? Here’s how:

1. Color of Change Campaign has convinced 62 major corporations to pull advertising from Glenn Beck’s show! Sign this petition to help this successful campaign convince all of Beck’s advertise to drop him.

2. The Drop Dobbs Campaign is also calling on companies to pull advertising from the Dobbs show. Take action here to send companies a strong message against funding Lou Dobbs’ racism and misinformation to the American public.

Si se puede!


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