CineSol Film Festival: Spotlight on Immigrant-focused films

The CineSol Film Festival is back in the Valley and has some great documentaries and features to offer. Opening night featured a movie called Cruzando, a beautiful movie about a son’s journey as he crosses the border to see his father one last time. The movie does an amazing job highlighting issues of race, immigration and simple humanity through the main character’s story. Check out the trailer here and look out for a showing in the Valley again!

On Saturday, CineSol showed the documentary, “The Wall” – a wonderfully shot movie detailing the grave implications of construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Viewers are able to witness the destruction the wall would cause to the environment, to people’s homes & businesses, and most importantly to the relations between us and our neighbors. Check out more about the film here.

Coming attractions:

The Border Wall: Playing Monday the 14th @ 7pm, at the UTPA Student Union Theater. This will be another great movie about the impact of the border on people on both sides of the border, implications for the environment and whether this “policy” is truly a constructive move.

The Least of These: Playing Saturday the 19th @ 3:45pm, at El Cine Rey. I’m really excited to see this documentary that explores the lives of families and children in maximum-security detention centers.

least of these

least of these

For the complete schedule, check out CineSol’s website. Watch, discuss and feel empowered to create change!


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