Health Care Vigil: We can’t afford to wait!

That’s not just some catchy slogan. We literally cannot afford more time or money on waiting to pass health care reform that includes a public option. Why? Here are some sobering statistics:

-about 46% of the Valley is uninsured (that’s almost half)
-Texas has the most uninsured residents in all of America
-the Valley has “fewer citizens with health insurance that any other region in America” (from an op-ed by Sen. Shapleigh in El Paso)

A vigil put together by brought together many residents from the Valley who shared their stories about how health care reform could help them and their family. Some talked about how they cannot get low-cost insurance due to high costs or “pre-existing conditions” while others talked about not being able to afford health insurance for employees working for a small business. Hear some of these voices right here:

Watch Ignacio talk about his worries regarding his pre-existing condition & what that means for his future health insurance:

Jeannette speaks about the struggles of being a college student unable to afford health care:

What boggles my mind though, are the anti-reform folks who were gathered at a nearby sidewalk chanting against “socialized medicine.” Ironically, they started singing the Pledge of Allegiance and I realized it as I heard the end: “..and justice for all.” YES! That’s exactly what we’re fighting for, JUSTICE for patients, for future patients, for families of patients, justice for ALL. A recent article in Common Dreams sums up the argument pretty nicely:

Supporting universal health care does not make you socialist or even a liberal, it makes you a human being.

valley residents support the public option

valley residents support the public option

ACTION ALERT: Tomorrow, there is a Health Care Town Hall meeting with U.S. Reps Hinojosa, Cuellar and Ortiz from 6-7pm. The event will only have 25 invited guests, but it will be streamed live here: — watch & send us your thoughts at neha5126 [at] gmail [dot] com!


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