Texas-Wide Rallies Call for Immigration Reform

In solidarity with several other cities in Texas, the Rio Grande Valley held a rally for comprehensive immigration reform Saturday. The rally also included a memorial service for Sen. Ted Kennedy, who strongly supported humane immigration reform. More than 150 community members and political leaders including U.S. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, Rep. Veronica Gonzales, and 13th Court of Appeals Justice Linda Yanez showed their support to make immigration reform a top priority.

Ann Cass, of Proyecto Azteca

Ann Cass, Executive Director of Proyecto Azteca

Rep. Hinojosa & LUPE Executive Director Juanita Valdez-Cox

Rep. Hinojosa & Executive Director Juanita Valdez-Cox

Juanita Valdez-Cox, said of the event:

“This is an unprecedented statewide effort to show support for comprehensive immigration reform. With this event, several communities, cities and sectors in Texas will clearly express their call to President Obama and to members of Congress, especially Texas Senators Cornyn and Hutchison, to start a serious immigration reform discussion this year.”

Committee Leaders from LUPE & ARISE helped gather almost 4,000 signatures in support of immigration reform. These signatures, along with more than 15,000 thousand signatures from across Texas, will be sent to Sen. Cornyn and Sen. Hutchinson to show them the urgency in and importance of humane immigration reform.

LUPE Committee Leaders & Members

LUPE Committee Leaders & Members

A LUPE member discusses why immigration reform is so important to her. Her most important reason? Simple: her kids.

Let us remember Senator Kennedy’s significant contributions to our communities and accept the challenge to continue his legacy for civil rights. The struggle for immigrant rights lives on in his honor.

“The work begins anew, the hope rises again, and the dream lives on.”

For more on the rally, click here.

Also, check out Rep. Hinojosa’s full speech from the rally:


One response to “Texas-Wide Rallies Call for Immigration Reform

  1. Great job welcome to our cause now people arround the nation will know what we do here in the valley

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