Mercedes Back to School Fair

LUPE held a “Back to School” fair today to provide local Mercedes residents with free school supplies, information about financial aid for college, the chance to sign up for self-defense classes as well as the option of getting a free blood-sugar test.

*The first table with LUPE’s newsletter, membership information, and other useful pamphlets on college:


*A line forms for the second table, which was giving out information on college affordability and financial aid:

Abriendo Puertas! Opening Doors!

Abriendo Puertas! Opening Doors!

*Hiladgo County’s Sheriff sits at the third table to talk safety and self defense classes with folks:


*Representatives from Richard’s Pharmacy conduct voluntary blood-sugar testing for free:


*A LUPE volunteer hands out bags of school supplies to the children and parents:


*School supplies in hand, these students are ready for a successful school year!!

si se puedo... excel in school!

ready for school!

*Some of the lovely volunteers with LUPE Organizer, Maria Gomez (middle) who made this event possible:


*Future college students and community leaders:

si se puede!

si se puede!

For all pictures from the event, please click here.


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